Perpetually hungry since 1991.

Over the years I developed what I would call a “food fever” or, in other words, a persistent need to eat the best food out there.

The quest for the perfect bite led us – the boyfriend and me – to some incredible dining experiences around the world. We would book a restaurant and then buy the flights and plan our holiday around our special reservation. Our best memories are a collection of dishes: the crab and burnt cream we had at Fäviken, the tsukemen in Tokyo station etc.

I know it might sound like we spend most of our time eating – which is not too far from the truth – but, actually, the best part of our holidays is exploring and getting lost in the cities, living like locals and discovering unusual places.

So I decided to write a journal to keep track of all those bites of exceptional food, to create a personal map of restaurants, places and things to see that I believe everybody should know.

I hope you will find my posts useful, entertaining and mouthwatering!

It’s FOOD YOU SHOULD KNOW but also restaurants, places and more.

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